Pastel colored jeans

Pastel colored jeans

Pastel colored jeans for Spring

By now, you might have already seen many streets that are starting to fill with pastel colored jeans, haven’t you? Skinny jeans with beautiful colors for Spring such as mint, lavender, or butter-like-color are just some examples of the many colors girls will start wearing for this season.

“One of the main advantages of denim is that you cannot only play with the shades, but you can also apply different colors to it, from pastel colored jeans to darkest tones, which makes this fabric as versatile as little can be”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Some of the primary colors such as blue and red are easy to combine with black and grey tones, but when your outfit includes colored jeans, the task to find the right combination can get a little harder, so today we will give you some ideas to wear your favorite colorful jeans this season.

  • Neutral and more neutral – This is a basic rule for the hottest months of the year, and it is also the easier way to wear your colored jeans, the best options for this season are tones like light grey, peach, white and ivory, wear shirts with asymmetrical collars to give an interesting imbalance to your outfit.
  • Let the color roll – If you want to add a third color to your outfit, dare to do it, three tones are actually an excellent number to get the color blocking many women are looking for.
  • Complementary colors – They work too, you can wear opposite colors, start with the color of your skinny jeans and move to the opposite side when choosing your blouse, for example, you can wear a lavender pair of jeans with a pastel pink or mint blouse.
  • Monochrome – You can get a monochrome style by wearing similar colors, such as a tangerine blouse with guava jeans, or a grape color on the top combined with lavender jeans.

“The importance of creating new looks is to experience with different styles, especially in Spring and Summer when colors play a very important part on the outfits”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.